I'm too lazy to put away my pots and pans in the kitchen -- especially when I know I will be using them again soon -- and so they tend to accumulate into an ugly pile on the countertop. It's not that I mind the mess so much that it makes it hard to reach the bottommost pan without causing everything to fall apart. Today I decided to do something about it!

First stop ... IKEA where I bought a Grundtal rail (RM24.90). These come in a variety of lengths and number of rails, but due to the space I had and the way I intended to use it I got a 40 cm, single rail unit. For some reason, the ones with single rails are kept on the 1st floor, away from the rest of the Grundtals rails in the marketplace floor. I also picked up two packs of 7cm Grundtal S-hooks (RM5.90). You really want the Grundtal ones and not the cheaper Bygel ones -- these are flat and so sit on the rails without sliding around as much. As with all IKEA stuff, mounting screws aren't included, so I stopped by Ace Hardware which had a pack conveniently labelled shelf bracket screws (RM4.50).

The Grundtal rail is usually wall mounted but I had a different idea ... I mounted it vertically under my wall cabinets! The screws went in quite snugly using a power screwdriver. I'm not sure if the screws will hold the weight it will serve (due to the thickness of the cabinet surface they couldn't be very long) but I figured the worse that will happen is a loud banging and clanging in the middle of the night, at which point I will just drill through the cabinet surface and use a bolt-and-nut method instead. There is a skirting around the cabinet (to conceal the lighting) so the mounting is invisible from outside.

To make this efficient, I had to twist the S-hooks into .. well a kind of J-hook. You can do this easily with two large adjustable spanners. I only had one adjustable spanner so had to do it the hard way, using a pair of pliers at the other end. It takes a bit of strength but they do twist quite uniformly.

And here's the end result:

I can now access the individual pots and pans directly. A side effect is that I've also gained quite a bit of work area -- which is always valuable in a kitchen. I should probably put away 2-3 of the pans to give things a bit more room (and also the rice cooker and pestle/mortar can be put away -- I hardly use them either).

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