Eh? What's with the chains on the walls? Has .sha gone all Fifty Shades ...?

Welcome to my playroom ...

Ok before you call in the guys in white coats ... there is a reason for all this. And it starts with -- what else -- a project.

I needed to assemble a prototype for a project I was working on, and test the software on it for a while. So since there were quite a few PCBs and components involved, I decided to fix everything to a metal plate to keep things in one place. But I also needed a place to put up the prototype (for a week or two). The wall in my utility room is ideal, but how do I fix the metal plates on the wall?

Given that this is likely to be a recurring thing, I needed a flexible and reusable solution. Pegboard (those laminated boards with a grid of holes every 1" apart) would be ideal, but I have no idea where to source it locally. I could get an L-bar (the ones with the tiny holes that people make simple storage racks from) but they're not only ugly, but when fixed flat against the wall would have the holes facing the side rather than forward.

To further complicate the requirements, different projects would have different panel sizes, and so I needed a solution that was also adjustble. It took me a couple of days of mulling over until the idea occurred to me while driving one day. Why not use a chain? If I hang two lengths along the wall, with the use of S-hooks, I could hang things at almost any height I liked. And the chains would also be able to swing left and right to accomodate panels of different widths.

Off I went to Ace Hardware. They had a selection of different chain designs to cater for every fetish need. I picked a light copper coloured rustic design which felt strong enough. The S-hooks they had didn't look to great so I dropped by IKEA and bought two packs of their Grundtal S-Hooks.

Came home and waited for Monday and started drllling the mounting holes. I used the wrong drill bit, and the holes were too big for my wall brackets, so I had to make another trip to the local hardware shop to sort that out. The larger sized plastic wall brackets fit perfectly. I used an oversized washer to ensure the chain didn't come off easily. The screws were quite snug ... I had to use a ratchet socket wrench to get them all the way in. I believe the chain will gave way long before the screws fail.

Fixed the S-hooks and panels ... and the end result is ... extremely functional and useful:

I probably need to find a way to keep the wiring tidy. Incidentally ... it all connects to this stuff on my balcony: