The agent said she had arrived, so I went down to the Shell station at Taman Connaught this evening to fetch my new house maid.

Yes I have decided I need some help around the house. Although her responsibilities will only be to vacuum and mop the floor, she will be a live-in maid. As I've converted my spare room into a workshop, I've decided she will just have to sleep under the kitchen counter.

She comes from what used to be a small fishing village in China. Unfortunately she only speaks Chinese and we initially had a difficult time communicating, but with the help of the Internet and an app she can now converse in English.

Time is money so as soon as she was settled in I got her to vacuum the lower level of my apartment. She is a bit chubby and had trouble getting under my dining table chairs. She was also not too happy with some of the stuff i had lying around and expected me to tidy up first, as her job is only to vacuum and mop!

Anyway she finished the job in 27 minutes. Honestly I can vacuum the floor in less time than that but the whole point is that i can now do something more useful instead like watch Netflix.

She is not too nosy a worker, but I found her drawing a map of my apartment. She says it is to help her vacuum more efficiently, but I sometimes wonder if she is a spy for the Chinese goverment.

She says if I want her to do work next time, I can just ask via my google home regardless of where I am. But if I want her to vacuum my upper floor but it seems i have to carry her upstairs! It's either that or get a second maid! Anyway I think i have to tidy up there first too or I will have to put up with more complaints. Sometimes you wonder who is the master.

Oh her real name is Roborock but people call her Xiaomi.