Ever spent time plane-spotting? Or watched videos such as these?

Have you, as I have, looked at a plane and wondered what make and model it is? The easiest way to find out is is to do a google or FlightRadar24 search on the registration number of the aircraft, which will usually give you the history of that particular aircraft and some pictures. You can also narrow down the choices by looking up their airlines fleet.

But what if you're out and about and don't have the internet handy? Or want to show off? Here's my quick guide (researched in the last few hours) to help narrow things down.

Note: The blog messes up the indentation. You might find this version easier to read, preferably on a Desktop PC (phones are way too small). Also, bear in mind that airlines sometimes order customized versions of their aircraft, so this guide might not work in all cases. You can also click on the aircraft names to see photos of that model.

What's not in here yet?
  • Russian Planes. Haven't seen many.
  • Turboprop planes.