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737 FMC CDU - Slow Page Repaint

First attempt at replicating the 737 FMC CDU Display. Looks okay, but suffers from a really slow page refresh -- featuring an inadvertent but really cool looking The Matrix" effect! Oh well ... as my ex-boss used to scribble in big bold letters on the cover of documents ... "RE-DO." Going to try my hand at using SDL ( next.

737 FMC CDU and Raspberry Pi

Got a Raspberry Pi hooked up to the LCD display for my 737 Flight Management Computer CDU. Had to solder a 5.5mm DC Jack for the 12VDC power, and also buy a (MYR 49 rip-off!) HDMI-to-VGA converter. The 5" 4:3 TFT LCD display ( is nice and has good viewing angles. It is slightly defective ... it only works when the ribbon is bent 180 degrees back behind the display. If it's flat downwards, the display is erratic. Since I would need to pay to ship it back to claim warrant...

Another Sleepless Night, Another Crazy Project Idea ...

Found this ... ... it's a 3D printable faceplate for a Boeing 737 Flight Management Computer (FMC)'s Control Display Unit (CDU). So I bought a display that fits it. Now to figure out the rest ... #FirstProjectNotFinishedSecondNotBegunButHeresTheThird