While I love using Waze and Spotify while driving, one thing I really dislike is having to connect the charger to the phone while in the car. This operation is just too fiddly to have to do each time you get in and out. So when I got the Note 7 last year, one of the first things I did was to invest in a in-car wireless charger. With this you just slide the phone into its dock, and you're set.

It was great -- until the Note 7 had to be returned, and I reverted to my Note 3. But I was so hooked on wireless charging that I bought a USD1.76 Qi Receiver for the Note 3, so I could use my Note 3 with the same wireless dock.

Now that I'm using an S8+, which supports wireless charging too, everything should be fine right? Not quite ... you see for wireless charging to work, the center of the phone has to be positioned close to the center of the charging pad. A couple of centimeters off and it won't charge. The charging dock has a ratcheting lower bracket that allows you to adjust the height of the phone in the dock ... unfortunately the S8+ is just too tall that even with the bracket set at the lowest position, it would charge only intermittently.

What I needed was a taller bracket ... So I printed one!

I brought the whole thing back into the apartment, fired up TinkerCAD and brought out the calipers and started measuring. After throwing some blocks and holes around, this is what I ended up designing ...

Which when merged, ends up looking like this:

Here's the printed model compared to the original:

In action: