I was planning to fly on KL809 today, but due to last-minute decisions there were no more seats available. So I ended up booking a seat on JT281 instead, which was serviced today by PK-LZH:

As I was on the aerobridge, I caught sight of the KL809 plane as well (flown today by PH-BVK). Interestingly, it was in WMKK alongside it's sister plane PH-BVB, sporting a KLM Asia livery (there is usually only one KLM flight per day).

My flight was delayed by about 40 minutes. Being a no-frlls airline, it was mostly uneventful, until we were nearing final approach when I happened to glance out the window ... and what did I see? KL809 flying alongside us! Turns out we've been racing each other all the way from WMKK.

Despite taking of 10 minutes earlier, KL809 was given a more direct route and so we were mostly neck and neck by the time we past WIBB (Pekanbaru).

On approach, JT-281 was cleared to land on RWY07R and KL809 was cleared to land on RWY07L. Unfortunately I was on the aisle seat so was not able to take photo of the two planes making a parallel landing into WIII !.

It could be just my imagination, but we seemed to land at a slightly faster speed than usual -- so maybe the Pilot really was trying to touchdown ahead of KL809! 8-)