Initially, I started publishing my flight sim related notes at I used the service from to auto generate the blog from my Evernote notes.

Then I thought I might as well publish my other notes (DIY, tech, miscellaneous stuff) as well. Since the first site was flight sim themed, I created a new site ( allows you to create up to 5 sites for the same account). I named this "Life, The Universe, and ..." and published this at" (i.e. life and the universe as it relates to me).

Now ... what happens if I have an article related to both flight sim *and* DIY? doesn't let you crosspost to different sites, since each site is linked to its own Evernote Notebook and an article can only belong to one notebook.

Meanwhile I was also getting tired of typing the long winded "lifetheuniverseand" and thought I should opt for the much simpler and predictable "".

Time for some creative destruction ...!

In my DNS settings, I created a new A record for "" and pointed this to's server. I changed the existing "" and "" to CNAME records that refer to my home router.

In, I deleted the site "" site and changed the custom domain name of the "life the universe and ..." site to "". The new site is now browsable at Since the new site covers everything I want to publish, I appended " ... everything" to the title. 8-)

Then, I went through each of the articles in my evernote "flightlog" notebook, tagging them "flightlog" and moved them from the "flightlog" notebook to the "life the universe and" notebook. This triggers to move the articles into the newer site.

Then in my home router's apache httpd.conf, I added:

< VirtualHost *:81 >
RedirectMatch "^/$" ""
RedirectMatch "^/(.+)" "$1"
< /VirtualHost >

< VirtualHost *:81 >
RedirectMatch "^/(.*)" "$1"
< /VirtualHost >

This ensures that anyone visiting either of the old site names will get redirected to the new site, thus preserving all the links I'd previously posted to google+. It takes advantage of the fact that creates the article URL based on the article titles, so since they're the same articles, the URLs will be the same between the old and new sites. Only the host name portion changes, and my redirect rule takes care of that.

I also created a special redirect should anyone visit just "" (i.e. the home page), they get redirected to a page on which just lists the flightlog tagged articles.

Now articles that fall in more than one topic just need to be tagged accordingly.

Much simpler.

At some point I think I should create a set of scripts to generate the entire site automatically (similar to what is doing). While is currently works fine, the level of activity and new features from them doesn't promising in the long term.