I finished printing the 3d model of the 737 Throttle Quadrant ((https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:725470). It took me a day short of two weeks, with the 3D printer printing almost all the time. the Prusa Mk2 is really a workhorse.

The reason it's white and green is because i ran out of filament half way through -- It's going to be covered over and/or spray painted anyway so the base colour doesn't matter. I made a couple of changes to the base design, and my modified version can be found here https://tinkercad.com/things/bjmnpZSU5jP.

I ended up slicing it both horizontally and vertically, altogether ending up with 30 pieces that had to be superglued. The individual slices can be found here http://home.abubakar.net/gitpub/?p=737_Throttle_Quadrant_Sliced;a=tree. It's quite likely that I'll need to make further changes (and reprint slices) as I figure out how to mount the levers, electronics and motors.

Update - 15 Aug 2017