It's finally the 29th of September. I dropped by the Samsung Store at The Curve and got my Note 7 exchanged.

Apparently they had an appointment system going on to reduce waiting times -- but since i missed their call yesterday I wasn't aware of it. Only one customer in the store when I was there around 3pm so they processed my exchange anyway.

This shop wanted all the accessories back. There are reports that some other Samsung Stores just took the phone and box back, so I guess I was unfortunate to have bought it from here in the first place. Oh well, no biggie.

They gave a free cheapo tempered glass protector, but judging from the complaints about it I think I'll give it a miss. I've already got a Spigen Neo Hybrid for day to day use, and a cheap folio case for when I need the front screen protected too. They also gave a 1 year screen crack protection add-on (with this if you crack the screen you can get it replaced for RM100 instead of the usual thousand plus fee). The regular product warranty restarts for 1 year from today.

I got yet another 6-month iFlix voucher. I'll wait till my 1-year free Unifi bundle expires, then activate the first one, then 6 months later activate the second one.

Got home and restored the backup I had made the night before using the PC version of Samsung Smart Switch app. You don't actually need a PC, there is an android version in the phone itself where you can backup-and-restore directly from phone to phone by just tapping them. But in this case, the PC version works out better since otherwise I'd have to be sitting at the store for an hour or so. I had to relogin to all my accounts and also some apps required to be set up again, but it's far less painful than happing to reset up everything again. The most important thing is the same apps got reinstalled and the screen layout and background were preserved.

Installed this Fire Background Wallpaper app for kicks while I left it to charge ...