A few more flight videos from a recent trip, flying MH851 between WMKK and WADD on 15 Dec 2016. Aircraft was a B737-800, with registration 9M-MXT.

We departed WMKK on runway 32R. I was seated on the left side (seat "A") of the aircraft so managed to get an alternative view to my previous runway 32R video.

(My apologies, as my Note 3's camera focusing went nuts between 0:50 and 1:56 #IMissMyNote7)

The weather was rather hazy but I got an aerial view of the entire WMKK airport as the plane flew past it after turning south, beginning at around 06:00. By that time we were already crossing 10'000 ft as the captain had turned off the seat belt signs.

Being southbound but taking off towards the north, we were assigned the MITOS 1C departure ("Continue on TR 341°, passing 4000FT turn left (IAS MAX 250KT) on TR 265°, crossing RDL 165 VBA VOR turn left to intercept and follow RDL 171 VBA bound to RUMID, then MITOS"). We were likely given a DIRECT MITOS shortly after the after the turn to RUMID.

I can't make out the entire flight route but it's something like WMKK MITOS C (DIRECT MITOS) BOBAG RUSMA (rerouted for weather?) TAVIP SUMDI RAMPY SIPUS (rerouted to hold at BEBEK?) BENOA WADD ...? The KML of the flight is attached to this post.

On arrival, we were initially headed directly for the eastern side of the WADD, but were directed to the western side to hold and descend.

On the first leg of the hold pattern I got a good video of Gunung Batukaru:

The weather there was much clearer and I managed to grab an aerial view of the airport while we were in the hold pattern:

Finally we left the hold towards the eastern side of the airport, to make the approach into runway 27.

Here's a video of the landing and taxi to our stand.

And as a bonus, here's a video of the pushback of AirAsia registration PK-AZF (which flies WADD-YPPH) that was on the stand next to us -- We couldn't disembark till they had cleared the stand.