Our weather station at Laban Rata (Base Camp for Mount Kinabalu) at an elevation of 3,311m / 10,862ft was set up yesterday. It's part of a project I've been involved in this last year.
Quite a feat by the on-site team considering everything had to be hand-carried up. Even with porters to do most of the heavy lifting (and as you can see there is quite a bit of stuff) it's still quite a trek up.

Amazing sunset from above the clouds.

Air pressure is 689.2 hPa ... first time I'm seeing a measurement that low. Temperature isn't as cold as I was expecting.

Kudos to the on-site team, who -- in addition to this site -- have been traversing one corner of the country to the other these last few months setting up stations (while I've been "monitoring" remotely from home in my pajamas!).

(Photos from Ahmad Zhafiq)