On a recent outbound journey, I took some photos out of KLIA's Satellite A. Might be useful for flight sim scenery building some day ...

Looking southwards from Satellite A Gate C3 towards MASKargo complex:

Gate C1, Saudi Arabian Airlines 777:

Apron Control Tower:
Apron Control Tower:

KLM PH-BVB (I've flown on this plane a couple of times):

Satellite A, ESS Apron:

Satellite A, ESE Apron:

Satellite A, Gate C22:

Satellite A, ESE Apron:

Satellite A, ESN Apron:

Satellite A, ESW Apron.

Gate C1 from Gate C3:

Pushback from Gate C3:

ESS Apron and Taxiway S9/S4:

KLM809 departure video ... pushback from gate C3, taxiways S4, H, B12, A12 then take-off from Runway 32R: