Got a call from Samsung Marketing rep on Wednesday confirming the recall and letting me know the replacement will be ready for collection on the 29th from the same place I got my Note 7 from.

At the risk of sounding like a fanboy I must say they seem to be handling this relatively well. Online Collective Panic aside, Samsung HQ announced the recall on Friday, 2nd September, and Samsung Malaysia sorted out their replacement plans within 2 working days. Yes, the "Customers may contact Samsung Malaysia Careline at 1-800-88-7799 for further enquiries" was just put out there so frustrated buyers would have someone to talk to (a standard practice in crisis management), and those who called them on 2nd September itself didn't get much answers and started speculating and got everyone into a frenzied state, but hey, it probably takes more time to sort out the logistics than it does to post on a forum.

The good bit here is that Samsung has deep pockets and can afford the 1 billion or so hit it's going to cost them to fix this. Given that it could probably happen to any manufacturer, if I'd gotten one of the cheaper phones like I originally intended to the whole issue would likely have been swept under the table or brushed aside (remember "You're holding it wrong?" ๐Ÿ˜Ž).


So I've been a bit more cautious charging the phone the last few days. Statistically the risk doesn't appear to be that significant, but then I've learned to not underestimate the fact that In Life, Shit Happens.

I was in KL today and travelled by LRT as all the places I needed to go to were next to stations. So I got to use the Note 7 quite a bit more than usual, and risks aside, it IS quite nice device.

Unfortunately I'll be travelling on a plane next week, and while I'd love to have the Note 7's camera with me, I think in it's current state of risk it needs to stay at home. Play russian roulette all you like, as long as the gun is pointed only to your own head. Besides, it's to one of those countries where if you start a fire, you're likely to end up in jail for some time before anything else.

That got me thinking ... if it's that much of a concern, should I even be using it now at home?

I could probably survive the next 22 days with just my tablet, after all most of my communications are on Google Hangouts which is not device specific. I think I can get Whatsapp to work with my principal number on my tablet too (just key in the verification code manually?). However, my tablet's SIM card has a much smaller data plan (1GB on the tablet's SIM vs 10GB on my principal SIM) so I would need to be frugal with usage while on the go. I still have my trusty old Note 3, but the problem there is that I've changed my SIM to a nano SIM for the Note 7, and didn't fancy a trip to MAXIS to change it back to a micro SIM, and then another trip again on the 29th to get it back to a Nano SIM.

So there I was pondering all this while sipping a latte in KLCC ... gazing out the window, looking at Menara MAXIS ... hey wait a minute -- there is a MAXIS center right here. Stop making excuses and just go change your SIM card NOW.

The other revelation to hit me as I was putting the new micro SIM into my Note 3, was that the new SIM still has the cutouts for a nano on it ... so come 29th, I can just remove another layer of trim and the SIM will then work fine in my replacement Note 7 without needing another visit to MAXIS.

Easy lah ...

So the Note 7 is now back in its box, awaiting the 29th, when I can swap it for a new Note 7NEE (Non-Exploding Edition).

(Yeah, I miss the camera already ...)