I bought a 12V/5V DC power supply from Pasar Road a while back and it's gone bust ... the voltage and red indicator light are pulsing. Now I have no idea how the stuff inside works to repair it, so I decided to replace it.

There are a lot of "frame-only" power supplies available on the market ... meanwell brand (I have one that's been running for years) and their clones, which are very reliable but the thing I don't like with them is that the AC wires are attached via screw terminals which are on the outside. It's fine when the power supply sits still but accidents can happen and I just don't like the idea of those AC connection terminals being exposed.

I had this idea ... why not put one of those "frame-only" power supplies inside the casing of my busted power supply? So I opened up the busted power supply:

Replaced the faulty board inside it with a meanwell 12V 1.3A power supply, which fits nicely:

And closed the whole thing up again:

The replacement power supply is 12V only but I have an a separate 12V to 5V converter, so am still good to go.