This should be an interesting project.

It's too big to fit into my 3D printer, so I have to chop it up and print it in parts and then glue it together. Also because I don't like printing with supports (you can't print material above a "hole" unless you add temporary supports) I have to print the "above" and "below" parts separately. All possible but will probably take some weeks.

The internals should be more interesting. I've ordered some sliding potentiometers so I can pick up the lever positions using a Raspberry Pi + ADC and feed them into the Sim. Also did some research on the x737 datarefs and theoretically it should be possible to implement a motorized auto-throttle. This is where, under autopilot control, the levers move themselves so the plane can adjust its airspeed automatically. The challenge is going to be to fit all the bits and bobs needed inside.