I spent the weekend building some new local scenery for the Flight Sim. I used:


This uses digital elevation models and satellite imagery to rebuild the underlying base of the flight simulator world. I used the data from the SRTM 3 arc second data set downloaded from http://viewfinderpanoramas.org/dem3.html.

For satellite imagery, ortho4xp has a downloader that extracts images from * cough*cough * a major web map provider. Unfortunately the data around Malaysia is not very consistent, as they were composited from different satellite passes. So some parts of the images are a different tone from the other.


This grabs data from OpenStreetMaps and places 3D objects and roads where they should be. While OSM Coverage of road details are only so-so, the building data (especially building height) is even worse. So there aren't that many buildings as there should be (I spent the week before updating all the buildings in Damansara Damai). Looks like I should spend my free time adding more buildings to OpenStreetMaps.

*X-Plane Gateway Scenery*

On top of this goes the stock X-Plane airport scenery, which are mostly user-contributed (Subang Airport and KLIA pictured below were done by me).

And here are the results (click to view details):

Subang Airport (WMSA). If you know your geography you can make out the 3D buldings in Damansara Damai and also some factories in Sungai Buloh.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLIA (WMKK). The images are made from a patchwork of sources so you can see they aren't a consistent tone here.

Singapore Changi (WSSS). There is much better OSM data here so you aca see a lot of 3D buildings.