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Samsung BD-J5500 DVD Region Unlock

What? Samsung BD-J5500 Blue-Ray/DVD Player, Region-3 Only PlayerWhy? How?Power OnPress Black Button (below yellow "C" button)Press 56732 (this code depends on which region your player is locked to, see the source article below)"3" will appear on displayPress "9""9" will briefly appear on displayPlayer is now region-lock free. Source?

Expanding Storage on Synology DS918+

My Synology DS918+ has two Seagate Ironwolf NAS 6TB drives in it, currently configured in a Storage Pool. With two drives, one is essentially a mirror of the other, so the total storage available is only 6TB. Well 5TB if you "count" the way hard drive manufacturers do. It's now time to add to this storage. I called C-Zone at PJ Digital Mall and was told they had the drive in stock. Unfortunately, when I got there, it turns out there was a mix up and they didn't have actually have them there...