I managed to get two panels of my Raspberry Pi powered DIY 737 Overhead Panel project working before year's end ... enough to power on the Auxiliary Power unit (APU), and switch the aircraft to draw power from it, turn on external lights ... and start the engines!

This last bit features an engine starter knob that turns itself back to OFF once the engines are running, just like the real thing!

It's taken me most of this year to get this far, and I'm still a long way off from completing the overhead panel. Once it's done I'm going to re-do the Main Instrument Panel on my desktop and then dream of building myself a motorized throttle quadrant.
Then of course as with any project, there's the documentation which is a couple of months behind. Project completion in 2020 maybe?


Turn on Captions in Youtube for a guide as to what's going on in the video below.