Monthly Archive: November 2019

Fried Kuey Teow

Can I “Lawan” “Lau Wan” ? Ingredients Chives (“Daun Kuchai”) Bean Sprouts (“Taugeh”)–Taugeh–190g-Ipoh Shrimp Preferably Large or XL size Tofu (Hard) Fish Cake Garlic Flat Rice Noodles (“Keuey...

New Toy: Cast Iron Wok!

Hey Wok! Wok Hei! It came with a “mini cast iron pan” as a free gift.

Sous-Vide for a Perfect Steak!

After seeing this video by Alex there is only one way to make the perfect steak. Striploin beef from Mygrocer. It came already vacuum packed. Placed in immersion bath at 55C for 1...