Fried Kuey Teow

Can I “Lawan” “Lau Wan” ?


  • Chives (“Daun Kuchai”)
  • Bean Sprouts (“Taugeh”)
  • Shrimp
    • Preferably Large or XL size
  • Tofu (Hard)
  • Fish Cake
  • Garlic
  • Flat Rice Noodles (“Keuey Teow”)


Chop up the chives (kuchai).

Also, blanch bean sprouts in hot water and drain.

Wash shrimp, remove heads, de-shell and de-vein. Marinade with oil and sriracha sauce.

Cut tofu into squares.

Slice fish cake

Chop up garlic


Soak kuey teow in hot water until it separates.

Heat oil in wok, fry some garlic, and add in tofu. Fry until outside browns.

Meanwhile, strain the kuey teow

Flip the tofu over. When the outside is evenly brown, remove tofu and garlic from wok.

lightly fry the fish cake until golden

Turn up heat, add the shrimp to the wok. remove once it turns evenly red. Don’t overcook

The remaining oil has been infused with garlic, sriracha, and shrimp. Yum!

Add kuey teow to the wok. Gently stir it around so the oil is absorbed by the kuey teow.

Once the oil is evenly absorbed, make a hole in the middle.

Add three eggs, and mix the yolk and whites immediately

Once the egg has slightly set, mix it around vigorously so the egg is distributed evenly.

Add salty soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, and vegetarian oyster sauce till it tastes about right. Add more sriracha if needed.

Add the shrimp, tofu and fish cake and stir wok. Add bean sprouts.

Once happy with the results, turn off heat and add chives. Stir some more.

We are done!

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