About Me and This Blog

About Me

I’m Shahada Abubakar from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

I work and play mostly with Linux, Software Development, Electronics, Sensors, Telemetry, Gadgets and DIY stuff. I also have a keen interest in Aviation and Flight Simulators. Oh and I’ve recently become interested in cooking too!

The Blog

I started this blog as a collection of my adventures on my Flight Simulator. As I started expanding my Flight Simulator hardware with some DIY components, I started blogging about that. The most notable being a 3D Printed Flight Management Computer (FMC) for X-Plane’s Zibo (see here).

Prior to that, between 2011-2019 I had been ranting and nattering on in Google+, however all that disappeared when Google shut down the service.

And even before that, I was mostly posting on Facebook Notes, at least until Facebook shut down the service.

In late 2021 my flight sim blog’s hosting provider started having issues, so I decided to shut that down for a while and rebuild the blog around WordPress. The results of which is what you are seeing now.

For the sake of posterity, I also decided to import all my earlier content from Facebook Notes and Google+ into this blog.

It’s still a work-in-progress — there are a hundred or so Posts in the Drafts section for me to go through — so things are probably in a bit of a mess.

For technical reasons, I’ve temporarily disabled comments on all posts (it will be reactivated eventually), but if you need to ask me anything, feel free to contact me directly.

Keeping Up With Blog

There are a number of ways to keep up with the blog posts:

  • Use an RSS reader and follow me via the RSS Feed Link.  [broken]
  • “Follow” me on Facebook. I will usually do a public post with a link to new blog posts. (Note: I tend to reserve “Friends” on Facebook for family and people I have met face to face, as I also use it to share stuff I don’t want to post publicly. So if I do not know you personally (yet) please do not be upset if I do not accept your friend request. You probably won’t be interested in the non-public stuff I post anyway).

At the moment, there isn’t any way to separate the meaningful from the meaningless on the blog using these feeds. So if you’re only interested in flight sim stuff, you will unfortunately have to put up with my other nonsense posts as well. 😎

More About Me

I can also be found elsewhere on the Internet at:

Contacting Me

If you have any questions regarding my flight sim builds or other projects, or any other random topic, it would probably be best to leave a note in the comments section of the post. Quite likely someone else will have similar questions and will benefit from your asking it publicly.

If you want to contact me in private, you can do so via the methods below:

Both these methods however have their spam filters and your message might end up there. If you don’t get a response and its been weeks, probably leaving a comment in the blog to check my spam filter will help — i get an alert every time a comment is left.