Just replaced a failed disk in my home RAID Array

Just replaced a failed disk in my home RAID array. The other two aren’t looking too good either (some SMART warnings), looks like I should install a spare or replace them both.

The old ones are Seagate 1TB 7200RPM drives; the replacement is a 2TB Western Digital Green (5400RPM).

SMART reports the following running (i.e. actual spinning) times:
/dev/sda = 3 hours
/dev/sdb = 1.6 years
/dev/sdc = 2.3 years

Comments (3):

  • 2011-08-21 03:58:10+0800 shahada abubakar And now getting bad sectors on /dev/sdc … double-disk failure on one of the RAID partitions.
    Looks like need to go out and get another drive pronto.Wonder what the warranty is on these Seagate Baracudda drives? More importantly, wonder where the receipts are? 8-( New policy, tape the receipts to the drive itself …
  • 2011-08-21 08:05:59+0800 Namran Hussin No need receipt I think .. the serial number is enough . 5 years warranty if not mistaken.
  • 2011-08-21 16:47:39+0800 shahada abubakar Ok … went and bought a set of WD replacement drives; must claim warranty and try and sell off the Seagates so can recover cost.

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