Regular readers (all three of them) will remember that I once had a Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablet, and all was well.

Then one day, thanks to a crazy taxi driver causing me to swerve suddenly, the tablet fell from the passenger seat of my car into the footwell. It was only a 1 foot drop, but the screen went all funny. And the backlight in the one of the corners went wonky. It was no longer usable.

I asked around and most shops said the LCD needs to be replaced, and being a 10" LCD it was more than half the cost of the tablet.

Since I had already become accustomed to the tablet lifestyle, I ended up buying a replacement, a Galaxy Tab S. Which is a whole story in itself.

Well ... I've been using the Tab S for over a year and loving it thanks to the Bluetooth Keyboard Cover dock. It works as well, and I haven't really missed the S-Pen. And am a firm believer that the button on the left should be the App Switcher, not the Options. So Life was mostly good again.

But once in a while I would think back to my old Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablet, now sitting abandoned in my bedside drawer. If there is one slight drawback of the Tab S is that it feels just ever so slightly slower than the old Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Older Samsung Exynos CPU versus Qualcomm Snapdragon maybe. Oh well.

Then a few weeks ago I needed to open a laptop that was not designed to be opened, and so ended up ordering a set of tools for the job on eBay for USD3.89.

Meanwhile, last night's insomnia got me thinking back to the incident a year and a half ago. I've always believed that a 1' drop that doesn't result in a screen crack should not result in permanent damage, although the experts disagreed with me:

But then ... I have never been one for listening to experts ... and since I had nothing to lose anyway, today, armed with my newly acquired tools, I set about opening up the Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablet with some help from YouTube. It took me less than 5 minutes:

BTW: All guides I read said to make sure the tablet is powered off before opening it. But what do you do if it accidentally powers on while you are in the middle of opening the case? Not much. There's nothing on the back cover that it needs to operate, everything is contained on the screen side, and I eventually located the tiny microswitch that is triggered by the external power button, and was able to switch the tablet off.

But then I discovered this bit had fallen out:

I spent a good half an hour searching for pictures online to figure out where it came from. In the end, it seemed to fit this slot nicely. The part is related to holding the S-Pen in it seems.

So on a hunch, I lifted the locking lever from those cables, took the cables out, and put them back in again, before locking them into place. And since I had already had the tablet powered on in its open state before, I figured I didn't need to close it up again before testing it.


I powered it off, and put it back together again. Since the buttons were on the top I hooked the back cover on that side first before pressing the screen in until the clips "clicked" again. A lifting up-and-over motion helps to get the back cover into place.

So it seems the Note 10.1 2014 Edition is quite susceptible to a "loose cable connection" if it gets bumped. Fortunately, if you go about it carefullly, it is a DIY fix.

I'm not quite sure what I will do with two tablets, but I'm sure I will think of something.