It's just past midnight, which means the house has been 24 hours without UniFi Internet, due to the nearby MRT construction knocking out fibre cables for the entire township. I've got my phone tethered to my PC, which means I have internet access, but only on this PC, whereas rest of the gadgets in the house don't. Specifically, not my flight sim PC (which means no mindless flying around), or my TVPC (which means, no Netflix). I could get my phone to tether out a WiFi signal, but I'd have to reconfigure all the other computers, and also reconfigure them back when the UniFi is restored.

If only the router in my house was tethered to my phone directly ... ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Turns out to be easier than I thought. Since I'm not using the WiFi on my router (I have other WiFi APs around the house connected to the router via Ethernet), I figured i could use the router's WiFi to link up to my phone's tethering WiFi Mode:

First step was to login to OpenWRT and Chose Network -> WiFi:

Set Wireless to Enabled and Mode to Client. Save and Apply. The screen now changes into something like this when the wireless radio is activated:

Since it's set as a WiFi client, it can join other existing WiFi networks. Press "Scan" and it shows me what's around:

I chose "sha-note3", my phone (No point chosing one of my other Wireless APs as that would make traffic go round in a circle). The following settings screen appears ... I key in the WiFi password for phone's tethering mode. Let the default name of the new network as WAN and assigned it to the "WAN" zone of the router's firewall:

Finally, on the next screen, I choose Save and Apply:

And it's connected ... good signal too, as the phone is right next to the router. This is despite the router not having it's antennas attached ... I removed them since I wasn't using the WiFi to make it fit into the cabinet.

And just like that -- we're back in business ... and I mean everything, work PC, flight sim PC, all the raspberry Pis I'm working on, Virtual Machines, PS4 ... !

I plugged the phone into a charger and left it downstairs. Even more reason not to answer calls!

Now I just have to stay within this quota until the UniFi comes back up.

Note: It would be even more interesting to USB tether the router to my phone, but I suspect my router can't provide enough power to the phone ... the log showed a usb device repeatedly connecting and disconnecting. Could also be that I need to install the kernel modules first. Link here if anyone wants to explore: