Got my CD of Sara Schiralli’s “Bang Bang”

Got my CD of Sara Schiralli’s Bang Bang album today (which I bought cheap off a few weeks ago

 It looks like a French release but then again I’m not interested in the packaging. Ripped to FLAC, and toss the disc into the binder, never to be used again (Well, I did spend half an hour going through the booklet and lyrics). Despite not having a Compact Disc logo on it, the disc ripped fine. It has a partition with some multimedia stuff on it, which appears to require Windows.

This is the second time I’m buying music CDs this year; a big increase compared to last year. Having decided to migrate my music collection from MP3 to FLAC, it’s just a lot easier to order the CD if you can find it at discounted prices and rip it rather than hunt for a FLAC source (legal or otherwise), especially for less popular stuff. This should make the record companies happier … well except the local record companies, since I can never find anything I’m interested in local shops.

Actually, I’m not even sure if I can still find any local music CD shops.

Fell in love with the title track after I heard it on “Weeds”.


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