So my upstairs vacuum cleaner hasn’t ben working so well these days

So my upstairs vacuum cleaner hasn’t been working so well these days. I’ve emptied out the dust box on it, but it is still way less powerful than it used to be. I “inherited” it so there were no manuals etc to go through, and it isn’t one of the more popular brands out there.Assuming that there was dust clogged in there somewhere, armed with a screwdriver I decided to open it up. Turns out that wasn’t entirely necessary, as upon closer inspection, I found there were actually a few more compartments that could pop-open, revealing filters clogged with dust.

I cleaned each one of those and put the whole thing back together, and now it is working like new again.

I’m not sure where to get a replacement for that square white filter (Most of the dirt is on the other side of it). It seems to be made of some paper-ish material so I think there’s going to be a limit to how many times I can clean it. The only markings on this unit are “King Cyclone”.

The regular dust-box. Unlike bagged vaccum cleaners emptyng this doesn’t help much with the suction ability.

This filter was the most clogged (on the other side). I cleaned off what I could with a stiff wire brush, but would be good if I could find a source to replace them.

There’s also a sponge filter down in the bottom left.

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