New Toy – PentaRef from

*New Toy – PentaRef from*

Found my cheap voltmeter was reading 9.57V for 9.600V. Opened it up and found an adjustment screw and now got it to read 9.60V.

I guess to be even more accurate, I need to lower the temperature to 70F/21C. Which means i need an air thermometer. Which would also need to be calibrated first. 😎

btw: Shipped this via USPS Priority Mail to Malaysia, and it arrived here within 8 days. Delivery confirmation reflected on USPS website.

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  • 2014-09-28 23:07:27+0800 S M Sabri Ismail (sabre23t) Should ask for callibration temperature to be 80 degree F. 😉

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