Grrr ….

(02:45:58 PM) Poh Ye Huat (gmail): meet at 6pm tonite.

(02:46:20 PM) Poh Ye Huat (gmail): i think meet straight at 7pm lah

(04:36:00 PM) Poh Ye Huat (gmail): postponed. later will let you know again.
(04:36:16 PM) shahada (gmail): so not today?
(04:36:25 PM) Poh Ye Huat (gmail): maybe tomorrow noon.
(04:36:32 PM) shahada (gmail): ok. haiya … whole day wasted. some how hard to start something big when you know middle of it will be interrupted for few hours.

(06:05:16 PM) Poh Ye Huat (gmail): 9pm tonite. Meet in office
(06:05:22 PM) shahada (gmail): huh?
(06:05:24 PM) shahada (gmail): to do what?
(06:05:47 PM) Poh Ye Huat (gmail): Presentation back on …
(06:05:52 PM) shahada (gmail): tomorrow lah.
(06:06:09 PM) Poh Ye Huat (gmail): Tomorrow their boss flying back already
(06:06:33 PM) shahada (gmail): you already said not today, told wife going for japanese food.

Grrr …

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