Explosion in my Kitchen! 😱

One thing with living alone is I tend to notice changes around the house easily … after all, things don’t usually move unless I move them. So when I do notice something has changed, it’s usually not a good thing.

When I came home today I noticed the kitchen was a bit darker than usual. I switched on the main lights and then noticed this on the floor …

What is that? And what is it doing there?

It looks like a capacitor exploded while I was out. I looked up and this is what I found …

It appears that the LED driver that I installed years ago, that has been running 24×7, has finally given up and failed.

Fortunately, I can now get all-in-one LED tubes in 1′ size quite easily. So much so that I anticipated this and ordered a replacement many months ago. After some clean up and wiring work later, the new unit is in place:

As a precautionary measure, I also replaced the lighting on the other side, so there are no more of these LED drivers in use any more. The tubes are a much neater solution, and when it fails, will take about 30 seconds to replace.

Link to seller for future reference:


There are three 1-foot tubes, and two 4-foot tubes in the kitchen. There are also two 3-foot tubes behind the mirror in my bathroom. All have a colour temperature of 3000K.

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