In-Car Bluetooth Tethering

I discovered a few days ago that the Android ICS update for my Galaxy Note comes with Bluetooth Tethering. This means that the phone can share its internet connection with bluetooth devices, like a laptop. Today, while driving, it occurred to me that my Parrot Asteroid car deck can use a bluetooth internet connection … so I parked the car and started experimenting.Well I ended up with a “Roku For The Car”. Running the maps app got me a google map view, centered on my GPS location (The asteroid has a GPS receiver). Turning the volume knob works as a map zoom, so I could see in detail where I was. That’s about all it does, you can’t pan around since the display is not a touchscreen, nor can you search, since there’s no keyboard.

Live radio worked well. Since my unit is from the UK it seems to have come preconfigured with lots of UK streaming radio stations. Since my phone is on 3G/HSDPA most of the time, it should work well within the city area.

Beyond that … nothing much new to see. My Galaxy Note on it’s car dock does more.

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  • 2012-11-30 10:44:01+0800 Mohd Misnan Nice one!

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