My original Galaxy Note battery has died-ed

My original Galaxy Note battery has died-ed. You can charge the phone, and it thinks it has a full charge, but that disappears within an hour or so of use. And around 30-40% usage the screen will start to flicker like it does when there’s 0% charge left, and then it dies soon after.

This is kind of expected, as it’s been over a year since I bought my Galaxy Note. Quite a number of other Galaxy Note users who bought theirs around then are experiencing the same battery issues.  I’d bought two spare batteries before (gave one away to a friend), so I wasn’t totally out of service, but didn’t want to be left with just one battery. I need the phone to survive for the next 6 months or at least till the Note 3 is out.

So I went hunting on ebay. The stuff you get there are obviously fakes of the original or third-party ones — same factory and likely went out a different door with a different label. I avoided the ones with the Samsung label as odds are these were just as old as my ori battery. A few of them advertised as having more than 2500MaH — again … take the claims with a pinch of salt, since for the same size and materials, there’s not much room to squeeze in more juice!

I ended up buying two, since the prices were cheap:

The first was this 3030mAH Standard ULTRA Gold Battery For Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 i9220 ( for USD5.97 with free shipping (RM18.50).

The second was this 2800mAh Lithium-ion Battery For Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220 ( for RM20.08 inclusive of shipping . I got two different “brands” to spread my chances of ending up with a crappy one.

I ordered them on May 21st and they said wait 6-8 weeks for delivery, but it arrived on 31st May via Air Mail — ten days is not bad. I’ve had stuff take 2 months or never arrive at all before, so again, it depends on your luck!

The Gold one is a bit of a tight fit but managed to get into my external charger and phone. I’m on my 2nd day using it, seems to work just as well or better than my original one, lasting from morning till midnight (but I had an hour or two to top off from my PC and car so that might be a bit misleading). Have charged but not tried the XPower one yet.

At these prices, what the heck, if they last 3 months each, I’m happy already!

PS: Does IKEA Mutiara Damansara still have a collection box for old batteries? I kind of recall seeing one there before but not sure.


3030mAH Standard ULTRA Gold Battery For Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 i9220

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