NowWatching: Sherlock S03E03 “His Last Vow”

#nowwatchingMy favourite bit: Around 56m 27s into the episode is a moving scene that probably is the best explanation for all our past disastrous relationships:

Sherlock: John, you are addicted to a certain lifestyle … You’re abnormally addicted to dangerous situations and people so is it truly such a surprise that the woman you fall in love with conforms to that pattern?
Watson: But she wasn’t supposed to be like that … ! Why’s she like that?
Sherlock: Because … you chose her …!

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  • 2014-01-13 17:47:16+0800 shahada abubakar +Fath Aja I’m posting this in Google+ though I suppose it carries over to YouTube. “*” is for bold and “_” is italics in Google+.

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