Malaysian Airports Scenery for X-Plane

Malaysian Airports Scenery for X-PlaneHere’s an update on my last 6 months of “airport scenery building”:

WMPR – Redang STOLport (
WMKM – Malacca (
WMKL – Langkawi Intl (
WMKF – Simpang (
WMKI – Ipoh (
WMPA – Pangkor STOLport (
WMKP – Penang Intl(
WMKB – Butterworth (
WMKA – Alor Setar Sultan Abdul Halim (
WMSA – Kuala Lumpur Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Subang (

These are “lego-brick” sceneries which means they are built only from objects in the standard X-Plane library. That means that they can be distributed with the next X-Plane release (10.50?) and they also do not take up much space. However, they’re only a close approximation of the actual airport — you will need custom 3D models to make it look exactly like in real-life. But it’s better than being greeted by a grassy airstrip on arrival!

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