Jaring UUCP: The end of an era …

Dear Customer,

Auto-migration of UUCP-based e-mail service to new e-mail hosting service

 In our continuous effort to enhance our services, we will be provisioning a new e-mail hosting service to replace the existing UUCP-based e-mail service. Once we receive your acceptance for the new service, we would implement it stage by stage. All UUCP users will be auto-migrated to the new
e-mail hosting service on 28th Dec 2010. 

With the new e-mail hosting package, you will enjoy better features to accommodate your e-mail requirements compared to the old UUCP-based e-mail service. The new service will allow you to easily manage your own mailbox and control the newly created users of different mailbox sizes using the user-friendly, graphical interface cPanel. In addition, you do not have to maintain your own server anymore!

To help us to provision the new service efficiently, we will call you personally and e-mail the guidelines on how to embark on the new system. We would urge you to take the necessary actions immediately to avoid any disruptions while accessing your e-mail.

Detail information about the new service will be available at www.jaring.my/email/ [www.jaring.my] .Similarly, you may get our assistance by calling JARING Customer Service Centre at 03-89917080 or e-mail onehelp@jaring.my.

For and on behalf of,
JARING Communications Sdn Bhd

Someone from Jaring tried to call me at my parents home today. I guess to “help me migrate to new hosted system”.

I wonder if I can have the domain name instead?

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