Treo Ringtones

Almost everyone around me has a Samsung phone and I got tired of needlessly checking my phone each time someone else received a call or message.

I found that someone had put up the MIDI ringtones from the Treo 600 and 650 series of yesteryear, so I decided to Go Retro!

You can find download the MIDI files from here:

 MIDI files don’t record the actual sound played, rather they store the notes played and what instrument plays them. Android phones don’t support MIDI ring tones, but you can use the Timidity software in Ubuntu to render the MIDI files to actual WAV or MP3 files.   I then copied these into a folder on my Android’s microSD card, fiddled with the settings, and am back in the year 2000 again!


Originally created with EverNote at 20140929T211525Z

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