Sous-vide Salmon (living dangerously!), roasted pumpkin and salad with yoghurt-garlic dressing/dip

Another case of opening the refrigerator and figuring out what to have for dinner.

Found a half-cut of pumpkin, from two grocery deliveries ago. This was sliced, peeled, and diced and tossed around in olive oil, then sprinkled with some salt, black pepper, and drizzled over with balsamic vinegar. I lined a tray with foil (because I’m lazy to scrub the tray clean later 😀) and popped it into pre-heated oven (180C? 200C? Does it matter?). I covered the tray with foil to seal the moisture in. After about 20 minutes it was nice and soft. Tasted divine.

Meanwhile, I looked in the freezer and found a slice of frozen salmon. This comes in a vaccum-sealed bag from MyGroser, so I tossed it directly into a sous-vide bath at 55C for an hour. This cut was quite fatty and the result was extremely moist, and consistent throughout. I would usually brown the surface in a pan (which would make it look more appealing but also dry it out a bit) but today decided to have it post sous-vide sans the skin. I just sprinkled a bit of salt and pepper and a bit of cayenne on it.

Found I had fresh veges, so I sliced a tomato, romaine and a cucumber. I made a yoghurt-garlic dressing for it — I tossed a few tablespoons of yoghurt into a bowl, a dash of olive oil, 3 minced cloves of garlic, salt, black pepper. Didn’t have any parsley but I chopped up some spring onions and tossed it in. Whisked the lot. Garlic was quite hot! A dash of squeezed lemon juice would have done wonders, but I was out.

I would usually have the salmon with a dash of mustard but the yoghurt-garlic dip went quite well with it too.

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