Alfa156 Needs Attention – As Usual

I havent had any work done the #alfa156 in quite a while. I’ve been chasing Chong from eMech at USJ19 for the last two weeks, and last Thursday he finally called back, and he’s finally free. I dropped off the car and have been carless the last few days.

Today I finally got it back:

Suspension knocking was just the link rods, replaced.
Timing belt, changed.
ATF flushed and replaced.
Engine Oil and filter changed.
Brake master pump reverted back to the proper 2.5V6 version, after the hack done in Ipoh the year before last. Brakes feel different now, more free play and travel, but the mech says this is how it is supposed to be. I just need to get used to it. It still stops the car.

Air filter still good, not replaced.
Power Steering issue still not fixed.

The best part: Leaking valve cover gasket changed and intake runners and all cleaned. I can see my face in the reflection there now…

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