IPV6 and Malaysian Telcos

Totally clueless on this, just wondering if any of you have any answers:

(1) As a UNIFI VIP (home) user, what do I need to do to access an IPV6 server on the internet?

(2) As a UNIFIBIZ subscriber who hosts services for ourselves and customers, what do I need to do to make our services available to both current IPV4 users and future IPV6 users?

(3) As a producer of solutions that communicate using GPRS and 3G modems, what do I have to do (technically) to support communicating to a IPV6 host on the Internet via our local telco mobile networks (Celcom/Digi/Maxis)?

Given the number of “world running out of IPV4 addresses in 2011” stories I’ve read, I’d like to know what I can do to (a) promote migration (b) create awareness (c) discover areas where we’re not really as prepared as we think we are.

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